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Madison Design Institute

The Madison Design Institute is a newly formed institution that collects, preserves, and exhibits objects that exemplify the art and science of design. Its mission is to showcase the beauty, functionality, and innovation of designed objects, and to inspire visitors to think creatively and critically about design.


Through its collections and exhibitions, the museum provides a window into the past, present, and future of design, and highlights the ways in which design has shaped our world. By showcasing the work of iconic designers and emerging talents. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the museum encourages visitors to appreciate the value of design in shaping our daily lives.

The graphic identity required a simple to use, built-in, flexibility allowing for an ecosystem applications across print, web and event.

As design is a visual art, it is essential to incorporate visual elements that showcase the museum's collections, exhibitions, and events. The choice to use a strong, bold mark was to allow it to also coexist with other elements, as a background or frame, giving priority to the imagery. Similarly, the color pallete required a flexibility with enough hues to carry various images and comfortably coexist with reproductions of artworks, photography or design cutouts.

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