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kbva is a small design studio under the creative direction of Krzysztof Bednarski


Designs, photographs and makes stuff move. Searching for sleep & sanity at the same time. Enjoys branding, minimalism, detail & George Carlin’s humor. Never knows whether to write bios in the first or third person. Too old for Snapchat. For several years, closely related to the TV & film industry. Managed and motivated creative teams at 9-5 jobs at TV networks and advertising agencies. Designed some movie posters for prominent Polish film directors, experienced a couple of TV rebrandings & built a few brand identities from the ground up. Often tried to force a reductive and minimalistic visual language upon them. Not always succeeded.

Currently creates visual identities and curious campaigns for key commercial clients. Online & offline. Taking on larger projects and transforming into a design studio, works with some pretty great freelance designers & web developers, under a unified vision. When not on the clock, he mostly enjoys his personal photography projects. He was lucky to win the Leica Street Photo competition twice for series created in Paris and New York. Quite into a cinematic and disturbingly painterly approach to photography. All in all, he enjoys what he does.

_The classic logo orgy / Brands I've created work for

identity / brand design / photography / experience