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brand & motion


Who & what

I am a designer & creative dir. I develop visual and conceptual solutions for cultural and corporate projects. Searching for sleep & sanity at the same time. I collaborate with agencies, established brands as well as emerging startups. Online & offline.

reel 2020

My main focus is on building thoughtful & contemporary visual experiences that drive consumer awareness and connect to the core values of the brand. Simplicity. Authenticity. Strategy.


concept development
visual language
art direction
2d motion
tv channel packaging
promo production
lifestyle & advertising photography

Selected clients

I have been fortunate to create work for some pretty cool brands.

Personal photography

As a photographer, I create fine art projects centred around a minimal aesthetic. Following my fascination with urban settings, the work revolves around a nostalgic feeling with an architectural view. I construct my compositions carefully, investigating peoples relationship with their surroundings.

Awards and recognition

2020 IPA (International Photo Awards)
2020 dotArt Urban Photo Awards
2019 San Francisco StreetFoto International Awards
2019 IPA (International Photo Awards)
2016 Leica Street Photo
2014 Leica Street Photo