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Wheel With It
visual Identity [motorsports]

Wheel with It

Wheel With It is a channel consisting of various motosport shows. Each show, unique in its premise, required appropriate distinction, while keeping an overall consistency within the Wheel With It brand. I was approached by Filmcloud, the producer of the show, to create a full programme identity and motion packaging.

Wheel with It. Battle.

One of the shows in which 16 unique cars fiercely compete with each other in a bracket-style tournament. The winner of each round is decided by viewers.

Wheel With It. Battle. Visual packaging overview ▾


A full packaging system was produced for each show, consisting of: intros, outros, multiple slate templates, lower thirds, endboards, animated logos. In accordance with the visual language of the show, multiple social media assets were created as well as motion templates used for online communication.

Examplary programme intros ▾




Wheel With It.

Scope of work

Art direction, design, motion design,
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