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Open City
branding [public institute]

Brand mission

Instytut Miasto Otwarte [trans: Open City Institute] has been created in order to take educational and social initiatives as well as support projects which will benefit the local communities. It’s goal is to create transparent strategies which can contribute to the growth of the city of Radomsko (Poland).

Concept development

The four main areas of the institute’s activities are: ecology, steady growth, social participation & safety. For each of these a symbol was created. The Institutes mission is to help build a healthy city on the foundation of these 4 principles. Reflecting this – these 4 symbols became the foundation of the visual identity.


The pattern symbols play a practical role of visually mapping the main principles. If a certain graphic material is linked direclty to one of these areas, it will be visually distinguished.

Visual language

Building on the 4 basic symbols I created a patchwork system. The collection of geometric shapes can be arranged into various configurations for horizontal and vertical layouts.

Visual language

The flexible graphic language can build itself into more complex structures resembling a growing city. The vibrant colour palettes purposefully creates a child-like optimistic vibe of a friendly city.


A combination of serif and sans and sans-serif fonts were used. The modern Hurme Geometric no.3 together with the elegant Domaine Text create a complementary mixture of fresh and classical


Open City Institute

Scope of work

Creative & art direction, design, illustration, motion design.

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