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Dr KillYou
branding [apparel]

Fashion for the medical community

Dr KillYou is a new venture developed by fashion designer Olga Idzik. It’s a unique brand aimed at producing apparel for doctors and nurses.


The controversial concept was there when I arrived and my task was to create an edgy visual identity as well as illustrations which would be embroidered on the apparel.


The goal was to create dark and gloomy illustrations which would be “fun” at the same time. They would be used for marketing purposes, in order to distinguish the brand, as well as embroidered on the products.


The colour palette resembles the fabrics of the apparel. The tones correspond with each other creating the possibility of different colour combinations within a very distinct palette.

Marketing assets

In order to introduce more playfulness into customer communication, we developed an idea of humorous texts which correspond with the created images.


A cohesive packaging style was incorporated based on the most impactful part of the identity – the illustrations.


Dr KillYou

Scope of work

Creative & art direction, design, illustration, motion design.

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