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Film Culture
branding [culture]

The Centre for Film Culture

Located in Warsaw, Poland, the Centre is a progressive, publicly funded institution created in order to promulgate film culture. The brand mission is to shape public awareness and recognition by promoting artistic events and initiating movie screenings. The Centre inspires and educates by organising film workshops & industry conferences.

Concept development

The Centre should not be an artistic brand in itself, drawing attention with one, specific identity style. It’s rather a window showcasing film culture. A viewfinder through which you can experience other artists. Like a passe-partout around a photograph – it appreciates the work and it’s cultural significance.


Following the established concept, I created a responsive logo system. A wordmark which doesn’t change, attached to a resizable frame which draws our attention to what is worth noticing– as does the Centre for Film Culture.

Visual tone

For print and digital layouts various geometrical grids were developed. The main headline font used was Bebas Neue Pro as it’s vertical stretch resembles a motion picture feel.

The black and white palette was purposefully used, once again enforcing the concept of the Centre being a frame around the content it promotes.


The Centre is divided into different departments – each with it’s own area of operation. For each division a symbol was created. The icons served a practical role of mapping particular events to the type/department they are linked to.

Animated typography

Bold typography solutions were important not only for print. Many animated typography projects were created for basic online communication and became an integral part of the visual language.

Visual language

The frame motif was carried out into many elements of the identity. An interesting use of the frame was the photoshoot of the Centres employees. For the sole purpose of the shoot, a unique rectangle light modifier was created.

Photographer: Tomasz Sagan


Centre for Film Culture. Warsaw, Poland.

Scope of work

Concept development, creative & art direction, design, motion design.

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